Hey there. I’m Tiff. I write fantasy and slipstream fiction.

I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I’m not at my day job in the tech industry, you can find me mulling over queerness, diaspora, mythology, and sea creatures.


Rose-Colored World, Brilliant Flash Fiction, forthcoming

A Life in Shards, Twin Bird Review, 2024

Forest for the Trees, JAKE, 2023

The Starsmith, Every Day Fiction, 2011

Poetry and Micro Fiction

Tidepool Sestina, Your Impossible Voice, 2024

Hair and The March of Progress, Misery Tourism, 2024

Labour of Love, Unstamatic, 2024

Sestina Written on the Way Home for Christmas, JAKE, 2023

A self-portrait in coloured pencil
Self Portrait, 2020

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